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Mercedes won’t be bringing back the V8 engine for the C63, E63 AMGs

Few media reports indicated that Mercedes is planning to bring back the V8 engine for the C63 and E63 range of AMG cars. According to a new media report, one of the employees with the product development revealed that the flagship C and E-Class will not be offered with the V8 engine.

C and E AMG models powertrain

Currently, the C63 AMG is offered with an inline four-cylinder motor with a plug-in hybrid. Meanwhile, the E63 is likely to get downsized to inline-six or an inline-four engine. However, reports on the E-Class are mixed and some say it’ll be the inline-six.

With new regulations coming into the picture, cars in the European Union region at the minimum will get the downsizing treatment for sure. The increasingly stringent emission norms will ensure large displacement engines will no longer be offered by carmakers. The new Euro 7 norms are expected to kick in by 2025. These are likely to end the spell of large engines. While carmakers went from NA to turbo a while back, this time around, it seems there is no other option other than downsizing and hybrid powertrains.

Higher taxes on larger engines

Authorities are also levying larger amounts of tax on large capacity motors. These high tariffs have all but ensured the impossibility of such performance models. Infact, Performance Divisions of companies like AMG, BMW M and Audi Sport would find it easier to retina the V6 and V8s than develop new engines.

It’s either small sized engines or no performance cars

With Europe being a large enough market for performance cars, the situation has ensured all but down-sizing. While no one is excited for this change, it is either these small engines or no performance cars. AMG, BMW M or BMW Sport will find it difficult to sell larger engines outside the EU as there is not enough demand for such cars. Hence, they will either have to focus selling on EU or not sell at all.


Source : Auto Motor und Sport

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