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Mercedes SLR McLaren carbon ceramic brake price


Mercedes SLR McLaren brakes cost as much as an E-Class!

Supercar ownership isn’t cheap. Even regular maintenance can get heavy on your pocket. But the biggest concerns for any supercar owner are unpredictable reliability issues.

According to Jay Leno, the Mercedes SLR McLaren is a fairly reliable supercar. The owner of this SLR begs to differ though. His car was plagued with issues right from the day he purchased it. The biggest shocker came when the car’s rear brakes started to make a peculiar noise. 

The Mercedes SLR comes with carbon ceramic brakes, and replacing them is almost like buying a new E-Class. Apparently, a rear brake set costs $58,000!

Fortunately, this SLR owner found a workaround for his problem, which saved him a fortune. 

Manny Khoshbin has nine of these. Imagine how much he must be spending on the upkeep of these magnificent machines.

It just shows how expensive supercar ownership can get. So, if you are in the market for a Mercedes SLR McLaren, here’s a word of advice – get the brakes checked before signing the check.

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