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Mercedes’ Formula-E entry could spawn an Electric hypercar

Another day, another electric hypercar. We recently heard of Porsche’s potential successor to the 918 and Mclaren’s plans for the P1 replacement. Now, we have another one. Well, in this case, a potential Mercedes-AMG Project One successor.  Just how the Project One is built on top of Formula One technology, using the technology borrowed from Formula E (which Mercedes plans to enter in 2020) the brand could build a flagship all electric hypercar.

When asked by Auto Express, if Formula E technology could power an all-electric Mercedes-AMG performance flagship, Dr. Dieter Zetsche said: “it’s not an accident that by 2020 we will start in Formula E, which at that point in time is more a PR and marketing platform. But when we enter, we want to contribute to the face that this will become more and more a sporting platform, with real, hard competition, so the answer is yes.”

We are yet to see the finished Project One which apparently won’t be called Project One as new reports suggest. But, we are happy that Mercedes doesn’t plan to stop at just one hypercar.

With Mclaren, Porsche and Bugatti having announced an electric hypercar each and a few still contemplating one (our eyes are on you, Ferrari), looks like next the decade will receive a fitting start for car enthusiasts.

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