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Mercedes-AMG One-Nurburgring


Mercedes-AMG One testing at the Nurburgring; Quiet mode?

A prototype of the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar has been spotted at the Nurburgring once again. This time, the car was seen tootling along the road, unlike in the previous video.

The AMG One is powered by a puny 1.6-litre,turbo-V6 based on the same engine that powers Lewis Hamilton’s Formula 1 car. The hybrid powertrain is said to produce around 1200 hp. In this video, the engine sounds surprisingly muted. Perhaps, it has a quiet mode that restricts the exhaust noise. The car also seems to be driving in electric mode in one of the clips.

Last week, we had reported that the AMG One had been delayed. Apparently, this delay is due to some calibration issues. We have been told that only deliveries of early build slots could be affected.

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