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Mercedes-AMG GT Concept E Performance-Munich 2023


Mercedes-AMG GT Concept E Performance packs 800+ hp!

Mercedes has showcased a plug-in hybrid version of the recently introduced AMG GT at the 2023 IAA Mobility in Munich.

The Mercedes-AMG GT Concept E Performance is powered by the same twin-turbo V8 engine as the GT 63. However, it is supported by a plug-in hybrid system that pushes the overall output from 577 hp to more than 800 hp. Mercedes did not disclose the torque figure, but we can expect a substantial jump from the 590 lb-ft you get in the GT 63.

No doubt, the performance will be mighty impressive. However, what worries us the most is its weight. The AMG GT already weighs close to 2 tonnes. With an electric motor and a heavy battery, the E Performance version will tip the scale even further.

Currently, Mercedes offers a similar plug-in hybrid setup in the GT 63 S E Performance 4-door coupe. This powertrain develops 831 hp and no less than 1032 lb-ft of torque!

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