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McLaren teases radical single-seater track hypercar

McLaren will be showcasing a radical new track hypercar at Pebble Beach. We still don’t know its name, but there is some information that we’ve been able to gather about it.

According to our sources, the new model is a single-seater track car. McLaren is taking the central driving position concept to the extreme with this one. We can expect an extreme design similar to Vision GT concepts.

The teaser shows the silhouette of the car, which seems pretty conventional. What you can’t seen from this angle is the width of the driver’s cabin, which is likely to be extremely streamlined.

Details of the engine powering this beast are still unclear. That being said, we’ve heard that it is likely to have around 1000 hp. It is also rumoured that McLaren might build 25 units, which, would probably be sold out by the time the car is revealed to the public.

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