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McLaren Senna GTR Tech Details & Price Revealed

At 2018 Geneva Motor Show, McLaren revealed a track-only Senna GTR concept based on its track-focused Senna hypercar. To test the demand for the model, McLaren said it would produce 75 units of the car. Having received a positive response from customers, McLaren has confirmed that it will build the planned 75 units. However, production is set to commence in September 2019 when production of the road-legal McLaren Senna is complete.

Furthermore, McLaren will start dynamic testing of the car this month. The development prototypes that begin testing this month will initially use modified Senna bodywork. The final Senna GTR shown in a new design sketch will be based around a chassis with a wider front and rear track and center-lock wheels. Besides wider fenders and a larger front splitter, there will also be a larger rear diffuser and repositioned active rear wing. McLaren engineers also plan to improve aero-efficiency by ‘coupling’ the wing to the airflow from the diffuser, enabling more downforce at lower speeds and up to 1000 kg of max downforce. This feature is also supposed to help the Senna GTR with cornering and braking stability.

McLaren-Senna-GTR-Concept-2018 Geneva Motor Show-1

For weight reduction, the Senna GTR will be stripped off the airbags, central infotainment screen and folding driver display found in the road car. A new, race-style steering wheel with integrated gearshift controls will also replace the current road-legal unit. The Senna GTR will still feature air-conditioning and a radar-assisted, rear collision avoidance system as standard.

Power output from the 4.0-litre V8 in the road-car is increased to 814 hp, up from 789 hp, while torque is unchanged at 590 lb-ft. McLaren hasn’t released the kerb-weight of the Senna GTR, but claims that its power-to-weight ratio will ‘comfortably exceed’ that of the standard Senna.

McLaren-Senna-GTR-Concept-2018 Geneva Motor Show-2

The geometry, springs, dampers and anti-roll bars on the Senna GTR have been developed from the system engineered for McLaren’s GT3 customer racing program. Pirelli slick race tyres will help maximize grip, while a race-derived braking system is projected to deliver 20% improved deceleration in excess of 3 Gs.

All the 75 units of the Senna GTR will be produced in left-hand drive configuration only, each costing £1.1 million plus taxes.

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