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McLaren Senna Gets Wrecked in a Major Crash in the UK

A McLaren Senna had a severe crash today in Essex, UK. The supercar got into the accident with at least two other cars on the A127 road while en route to London.

Thankfully, emergency services were on the scene in time and the police blocked the entire lane asking motorists to find an alternative route. According to the people present at the scene,  everyone involved in the accident including occupants of the other cars are safe.

This is the second reported accident involving the McLaren Senna with the first taking place in Munich, Germany in October this year. The damage on that car didn’t look much severe. However, the same cannot be said about the one that crashed today. As you can see, the entire front-right corner of the car including the the axle and the wheel look severely damaged but that seems to be the only damaged part of the car.

Fixing would probably require some time and skill and of course a hefty repair check for the owner. We hope this car is up and running soon.

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