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Mclaren P1 for sale


McLaren P1 for sale in London

Mclaren P1 for sale

This something exotic car makers like McLaren or Ferrari don’t like to hear. Limited production cars tend to appreciate in value, since demand is high for a product that is in short supply. A McLaren P1 recently popped up for sale in London with an asking price way above the original sticker price. Also, the car has barely been used and just has delivery mileage on its odometer. Certainly, someone really knows the value of a virtually new McLaren P1.

Mclaren P1 for sale

The hybrid supercar is for sale at DK Engineering and can be viewed at their showroom just outside London. Now, McLaren built just 375 units of the P1 and all of those have been already sold. Folks who would want buy one should be willing to spend well over the original asking price of just under a million Brtish Pound Sterling.

Mclaren P1 for sale

Currently, the price of this clean example is estimated to be GBP 350,000 more than the original price of the car. That would be just around USD 2,000,000 for a supercar with 903 hp from its 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 and electric motors.

For more images head to the DK Engineering website via the link provided below.

Source: DK Engineering

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