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McLaren P1 GTR rendering


McLaren P1 GTR official rendering revealed

McLaren P1 GTR rendering

McLaren P1 GTR rendering

We’re all too familiar with the Ferrari XX program. On similar lines, McLaren is now set to launch one of its own to rival their biggest rival. While, Maranello engineers are busy fine tuning the LaFerrariXX, McLaren has already revealed plans of a track-only P1 GTR. The upcoming P1 GTR will get a totally redesigned aero package for improved downforce and high-speed handling capabilities. A big chunk of the rear-end downforce will come courtesy of a fixed rear wing and over sized diffuser, as seen in this official rendering.

The digital rendering of the supercar was sent to prospective customers to gauge their interest in the product and unlike the first teaser they released, is much more detailed. Since, the P1 GTR doesn’t need to conform to road regulations, the car rides on wider racing slick tires and twin-exhaust tips that stick out of the rear end like the thrusters on a fighter jet. Power has also gone up to make it a pure track monster. The 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine has been tuned to produce 986 horsepower and an equally high price tag. Get ready to sell some of your organs if you want one.

Source: Motor Authority

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