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McLaren MSO X-570S GT4-4


McLaren MSO X – 570S GT4 inspired street cars revealed

McLaren MSO X is basically a street legal 570S GT4 race car and it’s already sold out.

McLaren has revealed limited edition, street legal versions of the 570S GT4 racer. It is called the McLaren MSO X and only 10 of these exist. Each car gets a unique livery inspired by McLaren race cars from the past and present.

Besides, it also feature extensive exterior modifications. The MSO X has a GT4-spec front bonnet with twin vents. The front bumper has canards on either side and there’s even a tow strap. The carbon roof scoop is connected to the engine intake while the rear features a fixed spoiler and vented bumper. The MSO X also has more aggressive rear diffuser and MSO titanium sport exhaust.

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The interior of the car retains most creature comforts of the 570S road car but the bare carbon and alcantara along with seat harnesses create a race car like environment. The McLaren MSO X comes with normal seat belts as well in addition to parking sensors, front axle lift and air-conditioning.

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