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McLaren 750S : Video shows design and key mechanical changes

McLaren has released a series of videos which showcase the features of the newly launched 750S. The successor to the 720S is based on the same car but reworked. McLaren says that the 750S is now improved in every aspect over the 720S.

Ash Thorp’s video on the McLaren 750S

First, we have a digital video by Ash Thorp who creates digital graphics of the 750S’ engine and other parts with the footage of the actual car. This allows viewers to experience a never before video of the car.

McLaren’s videos on the 750S

Then, we have a video series by the carmaker itself. This showcased the 750S on the track. The car is finished in an orange shade and gets black inserts. There is also a computer generated model finished in a burgundy color. Lastly, viewers are also presented with an 8 minute long video that reveals more details of the latest addition to the McLaren stable.

McLaren 750S : More Details

Coming to the car itself, the 750S bears resemblance to the 720S. However, there is a new aerodynamic package along with new lights, bumpers and trims. All these help in giving the car a fresh look.

McLaren has also made changes under the hood. These include a new 4.0-liter V8 engine that is good for 740 HP. The 750S also offers an improved chassis set-up compared to the outgoing model. The driver will feel better sharpness and a higher engagement when driving the 750S.

Source – CarScoops / McLaren

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