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McLaren 750S, successor to 720S unveiled

McLaren has finally taken the wraps off the new 750S. This will be the replacement to the 720S. The 750S is essentially the same 720S with around 30 percent of its parts changed or revised. Further, the supercar is available in both coupe and convertible hardtop.
Coming to the pricing, the Coupe will set back owners by US$ 324,000 while the Spider will be starting from US$345,000. Do note that these prices are exclusive of the transporting and port processing fees amounting to US$ 5,000 and the US$ 2,240 American Accessory pack.

McLaren 750S : More Details

The McLaren 750S takes ahead the car maker’s ‘form follows function’ design philosophy. The car’s styling can best be described as fresh and functional. There is a new front bumper. This diverts the airflow into smaller openings that house slim LED lights. The splitter is now extended and cLaren says it offers aerodynamic balance, which works in tandem with the larger rear wing.

At the back, both the versions of the 750S come with a P1-derived central exhaust. Due to this the car’s designers had to move the active rear wing higher by 2 inches. Other changes at the back include larger air scoops ahead of the rear wheels, new rear bumper, a new rear deck and a new mesh grill.

McLaren 750S : Interior Details

On the inside, McLaren is offering a standard Alcantara interior. Owners can also opt for TechLux or Performance interior options. The prior uses Nappa leather with the latter comes with a combination of leather and Alcantara. The carmaker has also used a new metal finish in a darker shade on the inside with a choice of customizable ambient lights.

Apart from these changes, the McLaren 750S also comes with new displays. The instrument cluster is now repositioned to the housing attached to the steering column. There is a new LcLaren Control Launcher as well, that allows the driver to save their favorite aero, handling, engine and gearbox settings via one single button. Apple CarPlay is offered as part of the standard equipment.

McLaren 750S : Powertrain Details

Powering the new McLaren 750S is a twin turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine. This motor is good for 730 HP and 590 ft-lbs. of peak torque. These numbers are even better than the McLaren P1. Apart from this, McLaren has also updated the 7-speed sequential gearbox with a shorter final drive. Power is sent to the rear wheels.

In terms of figures, the carmaker claims a 0-60 mph time of under 2.7 seconds for both the versions. However, the coupe takes 7.2 seconds to 124 mph while the convertible is a little slower at 7.3 seconds. This gap further widens with the coupe taking 19.8 seconds to 186 mph with the convertible taking 20.4 seconds.

In terms of 1/4th mile times, the coupe takes 10.1 seconds while the Spider comes in at 10.3. The claimed top speed of both of them is 206 mph.

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