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McLaren 720S Finally Loses a Drag Race to a …?

We’ve already established that the McLaren 720s is one fast car; fast enough to outdo almost any other car in the market in a drag race. This video offers a long list of all the performance cars the 720S can out perform. But, besides heavily tuned GTRs and hypercars like the 918 Spyder and the Bugatti Chiron, is there any other car that can defeat the 720S? A tuned 720S, of course.

That action is brought to you in the latest video of Dragtimes. Brooks who owns a stock Volcano Orange 720S races a 720S tuned by Wheels Boutique in a half mile drag race. Besides a Velocity exhaust system, the tuned car features a turbocharger upgrade, allowing it to produce a maximum power of 1,000 hp which is almost 300 hp more than the stock car.

While the driver of the tuned 720S lets off in the first race owing to too much spin, second race is where we get the results. Now, that we already know which car wins, I’ll leave it to the video to tell you by what margin.

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