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Mclaren 675LT


McLaren 675LT Drifting Around a Racetrack: Video

Mclaren 675LT

McLaren has released a video of one of their latest supercars. The McLaren 675LT is the most extreme example from the “Super Series”. Scroll down to watch footage of a the 675LT drifting and dancing around a race track.

The McLaren 675LT where ‘LT’ stands for ‘Long Tail’ is being built in limited numbers and is the most expensive of the Super Series models- alongside the 650S. One of the first owners of this rare Mac will be Youtuber Tim Burton also known as Shmee150.

Having said that, the 675LT features a reworked exterior, the shape of which is mostly dictated by the science of aerodynamics. The exhaust has been revised and now exits from between the rear fascia. The engine has been updated as well with more horsepower packed in. Another thing worth mentioning is the wheels that are now lighter than the ones on the McLaren P1 hypercar.

Mclaren 675LT Drifting around a Racetrack:

Source: Mclaren Automotive via Youtube

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