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McLaren 600LT-570LT-teaser-image


McLaren 600LT to be Revealed on June 28, 2018

McLaren has released yet another teaser of its upcoming supercar. The car maker has also announced that the car will be unveiled on June 28, 2018. While, the name of the car is yet to confirmed, reports suggest that it could be called the McLaren 600LT.

Latest spy images suggest that the 600LT will be based on the 570S. It will be the first ‘Long Tail’ model in McLaren’s Sports Series line up. Like the 675LT, the new model will be a more sportier version of the 570S. According to the spy shots, the 600LT will have a more aggressive front splitter, new side skirts and fixed rear spoiler. The diffuser is substantially larger than the stock car but the biggest change will be the exhausts, which are positioned on the rear deck lid.

There has been no word about the 600LT’s powertrain. However, reports indicate that the car would most likely get a tuned version of the 3.8-liter, twin-turbo V8 engine.

If you haven’t seen the first spy shots of the upcoming McLaren supercar click here.

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