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McLaren 12C crash in parking lot at supercar experience event


McLaren 12C Crash in Parking Lot at Supercar Experience Event

Taking liberties with a high-performance mid-engine supercar like a McLaren MP4-12C is never advisable. Moreover, at least keeping both hands on the steering wheel might be a good idea.

This person who came to experience a McLaren 12C at a $99 “ride and drive” event had no clue what he was doing. Add to that, an incompetent driving instructor resulted in this McLaren 12C crash.

The driver starts off by driving at a steady pace albeit with just one hand on the steering wheel. But, at least he is comfortable with the pace and is able to handle the 616 hp mid-engine supercar. The instructor then pushes him to “floor it” and that’s when things go terribly wrong.

The driver with no experience turns in too fast and understeers into the curb. The resulting damage to exotic results in a repair bill of $125,000.

McLaren 12C crash in parking lot at supercar experience event:

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