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Bugatti Chiron successor BR1-teaser-1


Mate Rimac talks about Bugatti’s next hypercar ahead of its debut

Bugatti has released a new docuseries ahead of the unveiling of its next hypercar. It reveals new details of the Chiron successor, which is set to debut on June 20.

Bugatti Chiron successor BR1-teaser

The first episode features Mate Rimac, CEO of Bugatti Rimac, where he talks about the development of the next-gen hypercar from concept to reality. Throughout the video, we also get glimpses of the new car.

Bugatti Chiron successor BR1-teaser-2

The Chiron successor, codenamed BR1, will feature a slightly larger horseshoe grille compared to its predecessor. It carries forward the quad LED headlamp setup, albeit in a new style. At the end of the video, we get a quick glimpse of the front subframe, suspension and the carbon monocoque.

Rimac also explains the reason why a hybrid was chosen instead of a pure-electric powertrain. As you may be aware, Bugatti has dropped the quad-turbo W16 for a naturally aspirated V16 hybrid. It includes three electric motors and is expected to have a combined output of around 1800 hp.

Source: Bugatti

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