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Maserati Trofeo Zeda Edition


Maserati Levante, Ghibli & Quattroporte Trofeo Zeda editions revealed

Maserati has showcased three special edition models of the Levante, Ghibli and Quattroporte Trofeo called the ‘Zeda edition’ at 2023 Motor Valley Fest in Modena, Italy.

The Levante, Ghibli and Quattroporte Trofeo Zeda editions celebrate the brand’s twin-turbo V8 engine. The cars are finished in a triple-tone color scheme featuring a blue front end that fades into a metallic grey and then into white.

Maserati Levante Trofeo Zeda Edition

The 1959 Maserati 5000GT was the brand’s first V8 model. Since then, more than 100,000 units powered by an 8-cylinder engine have been sold. The production of the V8 Levante, Ghibli and Quattroporte will come to an end by late 2023, as Maserati prepares to transition into a 100% electric brand.

Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo Zeda Edition

Maserati’s modern V8 line-up uses a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 that generates 572 hp @ 6750 rpm and 538 lb-ft @ 2250-5250 rpm. Apart from being a highly potent powertrain, it is also one of the best-sounding V8s around.

Maserati Ghibli Trofeo Zeda Edition

Maserati is also gearing up to showcase the final V8-powered Quattroporte Trofeo, Ghibli 334 Ultima and Levante V8 Ultima at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July 2023.

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