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Mark Webber Provides First Impressions of the Porsche Mission-E

Ex-F1 driver and Le-Mans winner Mark Webber takes the Mission-E out for a spin.

Development on the Porsche Mission-E has been on going for a couple of years and it seems Porsche will finally release the electric super saloon this year as the car makes its first official appearance on Porsche’s Youtube channel.

In the video, Mark Webber, test driver and brand ambassador for Porsche takes the Mission-E for a spin around Porsche’s Weissach test track and provides the initial driving impressions of the electric car.

Although, there certainly are aesthetic cues of the original Mission-E concept which was unveiled three years ago, the production car looks a lot different than it.  Still, we don’t expect Porsche to reveal any of the major design elements so early and a lot of them are definitely hiding behind the cladding.

Performance wise, the car looks fast and planted, thanks to the low center of gravity, provision of all-electric powertrains. But, we will leave it to Webber to explain the car’s performance. Webber compares the Mission-E to the 918 Spyder and it reminds him of the 919 Le Mans race car, which he piloted to victory. Well, that’s some compliment.

Watch the video to find what more he had to say about the Mission-E.

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