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Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon-Manny Khoshbin-2017-Geneva Motor Show-1

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Manny Khoshbin’s Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon Revealed

Koenigsegg will showcase three new hypercars at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. One of them will be Manny Khoshbin’s Agera RS Gryphon.

It is named after a mythical creature that appears on the provincial flag of Skåne where the Koenigsegg factory in located.

Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon-Manny Khoshbin-2017-Geneva Motor Show-1

The spec

Like most of Manny Khoshbin’s supercars, the Agera RS Gryphon features a unique spec. It is finished in clear carbon fiber with 24-carat gold accents.

Gold leaf has been used on exterior stripes and badges, hood struts, engine badges and inside the cabin. The intricate process of applying the gold leaf was achieved by hand by Italian master craftsman, Ettore ‘Blaster’ Callegaro.

The car also comes with a bespoke carbon fiber helmet with gold leaf motifs.

Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon-Manny Khoshbin-2017-Geneva Motor Show-2

The interior of the Agera RS Gryphon is a combination of black alcantara, polished carbon fiber and black anodized aluminium. There’s gold piping on the seats and Gryphon logo embossed head rest.

The dashboard is wrapped in alcantara with “Gryphon” stitched in gold thread. Black anodized aluminium on the center console adds a stealthy look.

Koenigsegg Agera RS Gryphon-Manny Khoshbin-2017-Geneva Motor Show-3

The engine

The Agera RS Gryphon uses the optional 1 mega watt engine from the One:1. The twin-turbo V8 engine produces 1360 hp in a car that weighs just 1395 kg. So, it’s sightly heavier than the One:1 but not by much.

Moreover, it features a removable top. I’m sure Manny will enjoy the drive with the California sun shining brightly on his Agera RS Gryphon.

Another one-off Koenigsegg called the Agera RS Naraya also features similar gold leaf details. Click on the link to read more about it.

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