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Lotus Type 66 Can-Am track car teaser


Lotus working on a Type 66 Can-Am inspired track car

Earlier this week, Lotus released a teaser image featuring a Can-Am racecar. Well, rumours suggest that the British sports car maker plans to introduce a new track car inspired by the Lotus Type 66 Can-Am.

Little is known about Lotus’ latest project. What we do know is that it will be an extremely low-volume offering. It will be developed by the company’s newly formed special operations division – Lotus Advanced Performance.

Lotus had plans to enter the Can-Am series in the 1960s, but the Type 66 never made it to the racetrack. It seems the new model would be a modern take on the Type 66.

Given the history of Lotus, the new limited edition track is expected to be ultralightweight with an open cockpit similar to the Can-Am racecars of the time. Power to weight ratio will be the name of the game as always. Now, whether Lotus plonks a meaty V8 in there remains to be seen.

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