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Lotus Evija is the Official Name of the Type 130 Electric Hypercar

The Lotus Type 130 now has an official name. It is called the Lotus Evija (pronounced as Ee-vi-ya) and it is the brand’s first electric hypercar.

Lotus announced the name of its electric hypercar ahead of the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed. However, the car will only be revealed on July 16, 2019.

Let’s talk more about the name, shall we?

Keeping with traditions, the model name starts with the letter ‘E’. Apparently, “Evija” means “the first in existence” and that’s quite apt for it will be Britain’s first electric hypercar. The company will build only 130 examples of the Evija and hence the codename – Type 130.

The car will be built at Lotus’ Hethel facility in Norfolk, UK. Details about the Evija are scarce, however Lotus had recently released a teaser video. It partially revealed the car’s rear end with a part of the tail lights and a back lit ‘Lotus’ script in the centre. Our sources have described the car as “radical”, “light” and “agile” and will feature new generation technologies. It is likely to be all-wheel drive with electric motors on both axles and could get brake energy regeneration and fast charging. It is rumoured to have a maximum range of around 250 miles.

The Lotus Evija is expected to cost around £2 million.

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