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Lord Aleem’s Bugatti Chiron gets rear-ended by a BMW

Remember the video of a Bugatti Chiron driving around Birmingham? Well, it was involved in an accident sometime back.

The black Chiron owned by @lordaleem_official was apparently rear-ended by a BMW Z4 somewhere in the UK. A short clip of the aftermath of the accident has been circulating on social media.

Now, we are not aware of what exactly happened at the time. However, it seems like the BMW Z4 hit the rear of the Chiron. Looking at the damage on the Z4, it seems to be a pretty nasty shunt. The video pans around before cutting off, so it’s difficult to see the extent of the damage on the Bugatti.

Both cars will be patched up and they will be back on the road within no time. The only difference being the repair bill, which in the case of the Bugatti will be quite expensive.

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