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Bugatti Chiron robbery-London


London: Bugatti Chiron damaged in attempted daylight robbery

London’s dreaded moped gang has struck a Bugatti Chiron. @y14nny has posted a video showing the man on a scooter trying to break the window of a Chiron using a hammer.

The Bugatti can be seen at a traffic light when a guy pulls alongside the car and starts hitting the driver side window with a hammer. Presumably, the robber was trying to break the glass and steal whatever was lying on the seat. Fortunately, the Chiron speeds away just in time.

While the thief failed miserably in his attempt to steal from the million-dollar hypercar, the damage inflicted would be expensive to fix.

The fact that an incident like this can happen in a city like London, that too in broad daylight is just mindboggling. It just shows how terrible the law and order situation is right now.

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