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Lewis Hamilton Wants a Mercedes-AMG One “LH Edition”

We already know that reigning F1 champion Lewis Hamilton has been involved with the development of the AMG One and will be getting one himself. But looks like the standard One isn’t cutting it for him. Speaking to Top Gear, Hamilton confessed his desire to create a custom AMG One and revealed that he has already been in talks with AMG officials to help bring it to reality.

“I want to do a special LH Edition. I’ve already spoken to them about it, and they’re considering it. It doesn’t make sense not to do it, considering we’ve won the world championship,” he said.

How he plans to go about creating the special edition hypercar? Well, he has got some ideas that include adding more power, louder exhaust system, a new bodykit and a world championship badge.

“I’d probably change the exhaust system, make it a bit louder. I’d naturally want to push Andy Cowell (head of Mercedes-AMG’s F1 powertrains) to give it a little bit more power.” If you have been sleeping under a rock, may we remind you that the AMG One carries the same engine as the Mercedes F1 car.  The 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 is paired with four electric motors to deliver in excess of 1,000 hp and we don’t doubt that the sound from the engine would be anything short of magnificent. But, that’s apparently not enough for Hamilton.

Hamilton doesn’t plan to have the special edition car all to himself though. If allowed, he wishes to create several one-offs by collaborating with customers. “I could custom design each one, with whoever ends up buying the car. That’d be a cool job,” he says.

Will the LH edition actually be realized? Well, it’s Lewis Hamilton we are talking about and his request is unlikely to be ignored by AMG officials. But, all the same, we are excited to see how many of his ideas will actually end up on the car.

Source: Top Gear

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