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Mercedes A45 AMG Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton’s custom Mercedes A45 AMG

Mercedes A45 AMG Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes-Benz has built a custom hot hatch for their champion F1 driver. Lewis Hamilton who is known for his custom Pagani Zonda 760 LH supercar now has a compact and sporty Mercedes A45 AMG to toodle around streets of Monte Carlo.

Hamilton won the 2014 Formula 1 World Championship for Mercedes-AMG Petronas and the car could a small gift of appreciation for it. That said, the custom painted Mercedes A45 AMG is based on the Edition 1 model and sports a roll cage, bucket seats with harnesses and perhaps a stock 2.0-liter turbo charged petrol engine. The exterior is finished in matte black with large Monster Energy logos on either side.

The red accents on the grille and the rear spoiler go well with the matte black paint scheme. The windshield with ‘Lewis Hamilton’ scribbled on it should make it easy to spot in a parking lot.

Lewis Hamilton’s custom Mercedes A45 AMG:

Source: Mercedes-AMG via Facebook

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