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2024 BMW M5-leaked-image


Leaked! Next-gen BMW M5 shows off its angular design

The first leaked image of the next-generation BMW M5 has surfaced online. The image, recently shared on social media, reveals the rear fascia of the new sports sedan from BMW.

The leaked image reveals the G90 M5’s angular design. The car gets sleek wraparound taillights and a subtle lip spoiler. That being said, there’s nothing too subtle about the rear diffuser, which really stands out apart from the quad exhausts.

BMW M5 Touring Teaser-1

The new M5 is rumoured to get a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 plug-in hybrid similar to the BMW XM. This combination is capable of dishing out up to 735 hp and 735 lb-ft of torque. This motor puts out 644 hp and 590 lb-ft in its saner configuration.

BMW recently confirmed that the G90 generation will also be offered in station wagon/estate body style. The M5 Touring will be slightly more practical thanks to its added luggage space and is expected to use the same potent engine as the sedan.

Source: @germanysfinest43

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