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Lamborghini Aventador successor leaked-1


Leaked! Is this the Lamborghini Aventador successor we’ve been waiting for?

By now, you may have seen several spy shots and patent images of the Lamborghini Aventador successor, unless you were among the lucky few invited to the private unveiling. Now, new leaked images that have surfaced online may give us our first look at the production version.

At first, the design of the Aventador successor doesn’t look much different to the outgoing model. It has a similar wedge shape with a sharp-looking front end. The Y-shaped LED DRLs seem to be borrowed from the Sian FKP37.

Lamborghini Aventador successor leaked-2

Just like the previous Lambo supercar, the Aventador successor has large vents on the sides. Instead of a single large vent, it features a Z-shaped design, while the window line looks exactly like its predecessor.

Coming to the rear of the car, the first thing you notice is the dual hexagonal exhaust tips. The rear bodywork has been shaped around the exhausts, and there’s no engine cover. While the Y-shaped LED taillights seem to be inspired by the Centenario, it does get rear buttresses, which is certainly a new feature.

The Aventador successor will be powered by an all-new hybrid powertrain. It features a naturally aspirated V12 engine supported by electric motors. Sources tell us that the ICE alone could develop around 850 hp, while the combined output is expected to be about 1050 hp.

Source: @bradyv12awesome

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