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Lamborghini invincible


Lamborghini’s two one of a kind cars mark end of the V12 era

Lamborigini has announced two cars – a coupe and a roadster, that will mark the end of the glorious V12 era. The cars will bid adieu to the great engine while the company moves up to the hybrid era.

Dubbed as the Lamborghini Invencible coupé and the Auténtica roadster highlight the company’s DNA. Further, they also represent the pinnacle of exclusivity and customization. The company involves the customer from the very early stages of the project to create a unique, one-of-a-kind customised car.

More Details about the Invencible and Autentica

Both these cars come equipped with Lamborghini’s full carbon body.  The company has tested this in its motorsport endeavours. Lamborghini manufactures the carbon fibre monocoque chassis in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

The cars draw inspiration from the racetrack as well as the passion of a racing enthusiast.

In terms of interiors, the cars come with a minimalist dashboard, 3D-printed hexagonal AC vents, a unique instrument-free console amongst others. The carbon fiber cockpit also comes with a digital instrument cluster that will feature a custom graphic design as per the model.

2023-Lamborghini Autentica-Roadster-1

Design of the Invencible

The Invencible comes with a red and carbon fiber design. The carbon fibre bits have red flakes. It comes with Lamborghini’s signature scissor doors, which feature two hexagons, featuring colours of the Italian tricolor. Lamborghini has also repeated this pattern on the insides.

On the insides, the Invencible comes with Rosso Alala leather and Nero Cosmus Alcantara, along with a custom embroidery work in Rosso Alala and Nero Ade. The car also has a Lamborghini logo in Rosso Efesto placed on the dashboard.

2023-Lamborghini Invencible-Coupe-1

Design of the Auténtica

Meanwhile, the Auténtica roadster features a Grigio Titans paint and Black Matt detailing with a livery in Giallo Auge. The livery colour is repeated on the brake calipers along with a few of the aero elements. The company has equipped the car with integrated roll bars that are inspired by the racing barchettas.

On the inside, the Auténtica features a Giallo Taurus upholstery with Nero Ade leather and Alcantara finished in Nero Cosmus and Grigio Octans.

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