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Lamborghini Estoque concept


Lamborghini is working on a Four-Door Super Saloon

Lamborghini is yet launch the Urus SUV, but it is already working on a new four-door model. The model, reportedly a super-saloon will be launched in 2021.

Lamborghini has long been considering adding a super saloon to its lineup. If you recall, it even presented a concept ten years ago called the Estoque. When launched, the new model will join the Huracan, Aventador (or its replacement) and the Urus as the fourth model in the company’s lineup.

The decision probably comes as a bid to secure sustainable growth for the brand with ever increasing emission regulations and unpredictability of demand for supercars in markets such as China. Lamborghini also has this opportunity to make use of shared platforms from the VW group cars such as the Bentley continental and Porsche Panamera, which would help in increasing profits while retaining the low-volume status of the car.

While the new model is nearly confirmed, a group of people from inside the company are examining the possibility of developing a bespoke, carbon fiber-intensive structure that could form the basis of a three-model supercar family, the third supercar being an even more extreme model slotted above the Aventador. The model is being internally referred to as the new Miura.

A new four-door model will increase sales, ensuring a sustainable growth for the company while another extreme supercar could reinforce Lamborghini’s intentions on becoming the ultimate supercar maker, helping it compete with the rising competition.

While a new four-door model would be an interesting addition to Lamborghini’s lineup, it’s the latter that we would really want to see.


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