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Lamborghini will not Build an Autonomous Supercar

As supercar makers succumb to emissions rules and requirements, introducing hybrid tech and announcing electric cars, Lamborghini seems to be adamant to its core values. The company has been the last supercar brand to announce a hybrid car. Unlike McLaren or Porsche, it hasn’t yet announced any electric car for its future lineup.

Now, Lamborghini R&D boss, Maurizio Reggiani says the brand will be the last company to offer an autonomous car. It seems obvious. Why would a manufacturer of supercars – a segment with driving pleasure as its fundamental driver, would launch a car that drives itself. But, as we have seen, brands such as McLaren and Porsche have already planned to introduce some form of autonomous technology in their cars.

“If you buy a Lamborghini, you buy it to have fun and enjoy the driving,” Reggiani said in an interview with Digital Trends during the Frankfurt Auto Show. “If we’re talking real autonomous driving, I think we will be the last brand to offer it.”

While, we may not see autonomous tech in Huracan or Aventador, Lamborghini’s upcoming SUV – the Urus will share its semi-autonomous driver assist features with the Audi Q7. “We will have adaptive cruise control, we will have a camera, we will have lane-keeping systems,” Reggiani  said. Every feature available in a premium car will be available in the Urus, but nothing that comes close to real autonomous driving.” he insisted.

In our opinion, a basic form autonomous technology in supercars could be helpful in certain situations – like in traffic where driving an Aventador can get tedious. Also, autonomous tech could assist with track driving. But, the real advantage of autonomy could come as a safety feature – ready to take over if the driver loses focus/control on public roads or race-tracks. That’s how far, we hope, it should get.

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