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Lamborghini Veneno arrives at HR Owens in London for Christmas


Lamborghini Veneno Arrives at H.R.Owens in London for Christmas

H.R. Owens have a very special guest visiting their London dealership this Christmas. It’s a Lamborghini Veneno- one of just 4 ever built. The rare supercar will be on display at the showroom all throughout Christmas. So, if you happen to be in town, do check it out.

Lamborghini has sent the factory owned Veneno over to the UK for the first time. It will be housed at H.R. Owens who were named the no. 1 dealer in Europe after their recent sales success.

Now, the Lamborghini Veneno as you might know is based off the Aventador. It’s perhaps the most outlandish Lamborghini ever created. The all carbon fiber bodywork with its massive rear wing is a definite eye-catcher. The factory-owned Veneno can be distinguished from the rest by its red accents.

Youtuber Shmee150 caught up with the rare supercar as it was being unloaded off the truck.

Lamborghini Veneno arrives at H.R.Owens in London for Christmas

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