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Lamborghini Huracan Superleggera prototype-1


Lamborghini Huracan Superleggera Spied

Update: Lamborghini Huracan Performante launched at Geneva Motor Show

Could this be the hardcore Lamborghini Huracan we’ve been waiting for? Well, if reports turn out to be true, then you are looking at the upcoming Lamborghini Huracan Superleggera and its sportier Spyder version.

A lightweight, track-focused version of the Huracan is long overdue. While we still don’t know whether the Huracan Superleggera will go rear-wheel drive like the LP580-2, we can say for sure that it would be a stripped out, no-nonsense version of the Huracan possibly packing more horsepower.

Lamborghini Huracan Superleggera prototype-2

The naturally aspirated V10 engine will be at the heart of the Superleggera, albeit in a higher state of tune. The stock Huracan LP610-4 has 602 hp while in the Super Trofeo version the V10 kicks out 620 hp. The upcoming Superleggera could be seen as a Super Trofeo for the road and who knows, we might see the 620 hp version of the V10 in the road car as well.

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Seen alongside the coupe is what could be a Huracan Spyder Performante prototype. Basically, a Superleggera convertible, the Spyder Performante would be slightly heavier than the coupe but with the same powertrain and almost similar kind of performance.

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Source: Piston Heads

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