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Lamborghini Huracan STO is a Super Trofeo race car for the streets

Lamborghini has taken the wraps off its latest crazy supercar. It’s called the Huracan STO (Super Trofeo Omologata) and it’s inspired by the Super Trofeo EVO and the Huracan GT3 EVO race cars.

The Huracan STO is powered by a 5.2-liter, naturally aspirated V10 engine that delivers 640 hp and 417 lb-ft @ 5,600 rpm. Unlike the regular Huracan, the STO is rear-wheel drive. Lamborghini claims the car will do 0-62 mph in 3.0 seconds and 0-124 mph in 9 seconds flat.

lamborghini-huracan-sto (1)

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the exterior.

The Huracan STO looks like a toned-down GT3 race car. It was designed by Lamborghini’s R&D department in collaboration with Squadra Corse and Centro Stile. The front end draws inspiration from the Miura and Sesto Elemento and features large cooling ducts and a splitter. There are louvers on the front fenders as well.

75% of exterior panels are made from carbon fiber. As a result, the car weighs 1339 kg dry. That’s 43 kg less than the Huracan Performante. The car comes equipped with upgraded Brembo carbon ceramic brakes.

lamborghini-huracan-sto (2)

Moving to the rear, the STO gets a large rear wing and diffuser. It boasts a NACA air intake that is integrated into the rear fender. An air scoop has been added to improve cooling, while the shark fin improves yaw stability.

The interior of the STO isn’t as barebones as a GT3 race car. You do have carbon door pads and a full carbon centre console. The interior is wrapped in Alcantara, as you’d expect from a track-focused machine.

Prices for the track-ready Huracan STO start at $327,838.

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