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Lamborghini Huracan STO: Controversy brewing over Nurburgring lap record

Last week, the Lamborghini Huracan STO was spotted at the Nurburgring as it prepared for a lap record attempt. Everything seemed normal until people started questioning if Lamborghini was using the actual stock STO for the run.

Robert Mitchell, who was among the first to raise doubts over the SSC Tuatara top speed record, also noticed a few odd things. Let’s be honest, this guy knows what he’s talking about. Here are some of the things he has pointed out in his latest video.

  • Blanked-off air dams

One of the Huracan STOs that was running on the track on Thursday had its front air dams blanked off with black tape. This was probably done to reduce drag produced by the extra intakes.

  • Engine kill switch

The cars had a red engine kill switch just under the front clamshell. A similar setup can be seen on the Super Trofeo race car.

  • Lexan windows

The “lap record car” was fitted with Lexan windshield and side windows. These are often used on race cars as the material is much lighter than glass.

  • Taped up bodywork

Lamborghini had also taped up some of the crevices on the Huracan STO body. Clearly, this was done to smooth out the airflow.

  • Gurney flaps of the rear spoiler

The car that was running on Friday had a modified rear spoiler. It seems additional gurney flaps were installed on the wing to adjust the aero balance of the car.

  • Racing ABS

In a couple of clips, you will notice the driver locking up the front brakes. This suggests that the “lap record car” may have had its ABS disabled or it might have a less intrusive Racing ABS.

  • Race fuel

Finally, when the car was being attended to in the pits, you can see a can of what appears to be race fuel. According to Robert, simply using higher octane fuel wouldn’t improve the performance of the car. For that, Lamborghini would’ve had to adjust the timing as well.

These are just the modifications that were picked up on camera. If Lamborghini has gone to such lengths to make their car as fast as possible, imagine the kind of modification that could be made under the skin.

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