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Now it looks like a sword!


Who Knew That the World Needed a Lamborghini Hot Rod?

Details are scarce. But the images and video of this Lamborghini hot rod are more than adequate to make eyeballs pop and lower jaws drop.

Every car guy has got a special place in mind for rat rods and hot rods. But we tend to relate those two terms to custom cars which are based on the spartan machines from the 1930s to the 1960s. Usually, Fords from these eras tend to get hot-rodded. But when a Lamborghini Espada from the 1970s transforms into a hot rod, it’s bound to shock everyone. Yep, the world needed a Lamborghini hot rod.

CarBuzz dug up this one-of-a-kind machine created by a bunch of French builders – Danton Arts Kustoms and Carrosserie Hervé – to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Espada. While the original Lamborghini Espada wasn’t the prettiest car ever to bear the Lambo logo, it does look great in this heavily-modified avatar. In fact, the hot rod actually lives up to the Espada name which is Spanish for the sword used in a bullfight.

Since there aren’t enough details available to chew on, we’ll have to rely on the images and video to draw up some assumptions. For example, the exposed 3.2-liter V12 engine is from the donor car and it must be churning out more power than the 321 horses originally did. It’s a hot rod after all.

The exterior design is sharper, low-slung, menacing and as mentioned before, it looks like a massive sword that can cut through anything. The interior is all about function and comes with just the kind of stuff you need to sit and drive this madcap creation. Finished in matte black and with the Italian tricolor stripes breaking the monotony, this Lamborghini hot rod is indeed one of the most badass cars we’ve ever seen.

Love this car? Then head to the Instagram page of Danton Arts Kustoms for more images of the hot rod Lambo!

Source: CarBuzz

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