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Lamborghini customer track day at Autobahn Raceway 1


Lamborghini Esperienza: Event Photography

Lamborghini customer track day at Autobahn Raceway 1

Last June I had the pleasure of working with one of the greatest automotive manufacturers in the world- Lamborghini. It was all happenchance really. I received an email newsletter for Lamborghini North America and then I reached out to their agency and they responded.  I let them know if they ever needed someone – I was here!

So a few weeks later they emailed me again saying that their regular photographer would be unable to make an upcoming event and if I could submit a brief to cover it. Could I?!?! No need to ask – I put together a brief and BOOM – the project was mine.

It was a 3 day track event outside of Chicago, IL on the Autobahn Raceway. Each day 15-20 people would arrive and get ready to drive some bulls on the track. Breakfast was a tasty spread of muffins, bagels, toast, fruit, eggs, bacon – pretty much anything to get you ready to drive! Not to mention a huge espresso machine; everyone needs coffee to keep going. Once all were ready and filled up, a drive briefing followed and the schedule for the day was announced.

Most of the morning was simple exercises designed around the track. Acceleration, braking, extreme maneuvers, and a slalom section. The cars were shared among the participants so that everyone got the chance to complete the exercise. Soon lunch was served and before I get on with rest of the event there’s one thing I must say, Lamborghini can make some mean chocolate chip cookies! If you get a chance, try a couple!

The afternoon brought the real fun. This is where the participants rode along with the driving pros and got a real sense of what these bulls were capable of. Then they swapped seats and let the participants have a go and really open up the throttle and push the cars around the track.

Having got a fair idea of fastest line around the race track, the last session was reserved for hot laps. Again, everyone got to hop in with the pros and launch off around the track – full blast! This was real fun for the participants and myself! As the photographer for the event, I was lucky to snag one ride around the track. Definitely a fantastic experience and opportunity.

So you may ask – what is the point of these track day events? These are not just for fun, though most people will think that. People who attend are Lamborghini owners or are thinking about owning a bull. The goal is to get them hooked on to racing and if they have the money and required skills, it would probably help them make a decision to purchase a race spec Lamborghini to participate in “Gentlemen’s Racing” as part of the Super Trofeo series.

My job as the main photographer for the event was to click and edit images of the participants with their cars and make sure they were on the thumb drives everyone took home at the end of the day. It was a lot to do but that is what I signed up for. Add to that, having a ton of fun along the way was a great bonus!

This was a great opportunity and I was so happy I got the chance to work for one of the greatest supercar makers of all time- Lamborghini.

Lamborghini Customer Track Day at Autobahn Raceway:

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