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Lamborghini crash caught on tape 1


Lamborghini Crash Caught on Tape #1

Lamborghini crash caught on tape 1

Today we bring you a video involving a Lamborghini Gallardo which crashed while cruising down a rain-swept road in New York. Bad weather, slippery roads and lack of experience could have been the cause of the accident.

Things can go wrong pretty quickly in a supercar. The all-wheel drive system on Gallardo does aid traction but when it does slip it’s extremely difficult to control. The driver of this Lamborghini seems to have lost control mainly due to the lack of traction from the wet road. The Gallardo veered off into the woods and crashed into a ditch.

Apparently, the car sustained damage beyond repair. Fortunately, no one of seriously hurt in the accident. Checkout the video below.

Lamborghini crash caught of tape #1:

Source: Speedracer38

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