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Lamborghini has built 8000 Aventadors and 11000 Huracans till date

While Lamborghini plans to increase it production with the Urus SUV, its supercars are already achieving landmark sales. Lamborghini recently celebrated the production of 8000th Aventador and 11000th Huracan at its factory. The Huracan which is finished in a beautiful Blu Nethuns color will reside in Italy while the Aventador, spec’ed in a tasteful Grigio Telesto with yellow interior is headed to Japan.

In the first half of 2018, Lamborghini dispatched 2,327 units – an 11% growth compared to the same period last year. Out of these, 1,607 were Huracans and 673 were Aventadors.


Only seven and a half years since production began, the Aventador has achieved double the sales of the Murcielago, which was in production for nearly a decade. The Gallardo still remains the company’s highest selling model till date. Around 14000 units were built over 10 years. Meanwhile, the Huracan has been in production for just 4 years, but its sales could surpass that figure before a replacement arrives in 2022.

Speaking of replacements, we don’t know much about the Huracan successor yet. However, we know a lot about the supercar that will replace the Aventador. It is set to arrive in 2020 with a hybrid powertrain. Lamborghini is soon to launch a hypercar to showcase the car’s technology.

Lamborghini is also set to launch the Aventador SVJ – a track-focused version of the Aventador SV.


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