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Lamborghini Aventador crashed in New Zealand-1


Lamborghini Aventador Crashed by Elderly Man In a Mercedes

Lamborghini Aventador crashed in New Zealand-1

In news coming out of New Zealand- an elderly man driving a Mercedes-Benz crashed in to a parked Lamborghini Aventador.

A white Lamborghini Aventador was parked on the side of the road in downtown Auckland when an elderly person in a black Mercedes-Benz C-Class (please correct me if I’m wrong) T-boned the parked supercar. Both cars sustained minor damage, however the repairs on the Aventador would cost exponentially more than on the Mercedes.

Lamborghini Aventador crashed in New Zealand-2

Thankfully for the Mercedes driver, the Lamborghini owner turned out to be a gentleman. This is what he told the New Zealand Herald after the accident, “[The Mercedes-Benz driver] was an elderly guy, I can’t sit there and yell at him, if it was your dad how would you feel? I mean it’s a mistake, he didn’t crash it and then run away, he was okay about it, he stayed around. He had a pretty nice car too.”

Lamborghini Aventador crashed in New Zealand-3

Now, while the Mercedes-Benz will be back on the road in a few weeks, it would take months before replacement parts for the Aventador to arrive on the island accompanied by a rather expensive bill.

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