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LaFerrari XX race car to use F1-derived Turbo-V6?

Ferrari LaFerrari

Ferrari LaFerrari

Owning a Ferrari is not cheap. Buying the Maranello stallion is one thing, but maintaining it could get quite expensive. While we dream of owning at least a cog that makes up these brilliant super cars, there are folks with enough cash to enroll themselves into the exclusive XX program. As part of this, avid enthusiasts get to own a highly specialized track-only Ferrari. Ferarri takes care of your car all the while which also remains in their custody. Basically, you ask them to drop the car off to a private race track of your choice and they send you a complementary team of engineers along.

Among the few who have already enrolled themselves for the program, include Michael Schumacher- one of the biggest names associated with the sport of Formula 1. The cars are specially built using techniques developed on-track and over the years. Ferrari built an insanely quick version of the Enzo called the FXX, which was then sold to customers. Recently, they made the 599XX which was based on the 599 GTO. Now, the company is believed to be working on the next generation XX model. It would be based on their current flagship- LaFerrari.

According to Motor Authority, the LaFerrari XX could use a rather special powerplant, replacing the naturally aspirated V-12 hybrid powertrain. These reports emerged when a prototype was spotted testing on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. The exhaust note of the prototype had a unique throaty sound which has fueled speculations among fans. Could it be an F1-derived turbocharged V-6 hiding under that bodywork? Well, we can’t say for sure. However, it is quite certain that the new LaFerrari XX would even more brutal than its predecessors. We could also be looking at a potential lap record of the Nordschleife.

Source: Motor Authority

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