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Ferrari LaFerrari


LaFerrari Video Review Compilation

Ferrari LaFerrari

Ferrari LaFerrari

There are few who dare to invest into making a supercar. Most have failed, while a select few can claim to have succeeded in the business. Each year, at the world’s greatest motor shows, new manufacturers turn up with prototypes with claimed performance figures that remain true only on paper. When it comes to the more established brands, Ferrari is probably the first name that comes to mind.

The year 2014 has proved special for the supercar lover. Three brand new supercars, each with revolutionary technologies have gone on sale. Starting with the Porsche 918 Spyder, Mclaren P1 and now the Ferrari LaFerrari. As always, there’s nothing more exciting than a new flagship Ferrari and a chance to get behind the wheel of this exclusive speed demon is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Ferrari has been very picky about letting journalists drive the new LaFerrari. They invited a select group of journalists from across the globe to experience the embodiment of automotive perfection of the highest order. At Fiorano, in Ferrari’s own backyard, three of the top British automotive publications got behind the wheel of the LaFerrari, only to be awe-struck. While, McLaren and Porsche have gone with a hybrid system that allows the car to be driven solely on electric power as well, Ferrari has done things differently. The LaFerrari is clearly not built to keep Greenpeace happy.

It uses a naturally aspirated V-12, which is what you’d expect from a scarlet car this exclusive. Then you have the electric motors and batteries which provide additional thrust. As Autocar, EVO and CARMagazine found out, the LaFerrari is a complete hooligan of a supercar. It is loud, brash, nimble and extremely fast. To put things in perspective, I thought it would be better if you had a look at each of their reviews side-by-side. So, here’s a compilation of the best professional LaFerrari video reviews from the internet.

Autocar’s review of the Ferrari LaFerrari:

EVO reviews the LaFerrari:

CARMagazine drives the LaFerrari around Fiorano:

Source: Youtube

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