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LaFerrari gets rear-ended during 2024 Ferrari Cavalcade

The 2024 Ferrari Cavalcade was flagged off from Venice, Italy, on the 1st of July, and already there are reports of multiple accidents, including one involving a LaFerrari. But, before we get to the LaFerrari crash, here’s a quick note about some of the other cars that had a rough start to the rally.

According to videos shared on social media, a black 296 GTB caught fire just outside Venice. Emergency crews rushed to the scene and were able to douse the flames before the car was completely gutted.

Another 296 GTB and an SF90 crashed on the highway as the rally made its way to the northern part of Italy. The exact details aren’t available, but it seems like the wet and slippery road surface may have caused the accidents.

LaFerrari crash 2024 Cavalcade-1

Now, coming to the LaFerrari – Images shared on social media reveal a car with a few battle scars. Reports suggest that it got rear-ended and as you can see, the rear bumper took the brunt of the impact. The taillamp cluster will also have to be replaced along with the exhaust tips. It looks like the LaFerrari rolled into another car after the initial impact, as the front bumper is scratched up, and the splitter is also broken.

As you would expect, replacement parts for the LaFerrari aren’t cheap. Just the rear bumper costs around $63,000, and the taillight is almost $1000, while the front bumper assembly costs almost $42,000.

Source: @rey.carshots / @varryx

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