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LaFerrari Aperta for sale at a whopping $7 million

The final Laferrari Aperta was recently auctioned for $10 million, and here we have another LaFerrari Aperta for sale. The car available at GTR Motors of Dubai is listed at a whopping $7 million. We don’t think Ferrari would be particularly pleased.

The LaFerrari Aperta is the convertible version of the Laferrari hybrid hypercar. A naturally aspirated V12 aided with electric motors and a F1-derived KERS setup takes the open-top car from 0-100 in just 2.7 seconds. Among the three hybrid hypercars, the LaFerrari seems to be the most desirable for buyers around the world.


This particular car is finished in what seems to be Rosso Scuderia. Red brake calipers and wheels finished in polished aluminium with center locks are a classic Ferrari spec. The car is virtually brand new since it has been listed with zero miles on the odometer.

Considering that there are a few coupe versions available to buy at just over $3 million, this seems to be a huge jump in price just for the open top, a $4 million one at that.


LaFerrari Aperta production is still on and we will probably see more cars coming up for sale. With only 209 Apertas to be made, it’s your chance to grab a piece of motoring history before the prices soar even higher. Considering this one of the last naturally-aspirated Ferrari hypercar, they probably will.

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