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Koenigsegg reclaims the 0-250-0 mph record from Rimac

Koenigsegg is back in the record books with the fastest 0-249-0 mph time – a crown it lost to the Rimac Nevera just four weeks ago.

Koenigsegg test driver Markus Lundh set a blistering time of 28.81 seconds in the Regera hypercar. That’s over a second quicker than the Nevera’s record and almost 3 seconds faster than its previous best.

Announcing its achievement to the world, Koenigsegg said, “Regera is Swedish for “To Reign”, and this new record extends that reign even further.”

“So, why set these new records with a car that is long off the production line? Because it can! Because it is still the King reigning supreme in today’s super competitive automotive landscape, and that is something that should be celebrated with a new record.”


Last month, the Nevera electric hypercar set a new world record for the fastest production car to go from 0 to 249 mph and back to 0. It did it in 29.94 seconds.

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