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Koenigsegg One:1

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Koenigsegg One:1 features in first official video

Koenigsegg One:1

Koenigsegg One:1

Koenigsegg has released the first drive video featuring their latest supercar- Koenigsegg One:1. This is one unique piece of kit that stunned the world at the 2014 Geneva motor show. It is the best combination of lightweight technology and old-school horsepower. The twin-turbocharged V8 engine has one horsepower for every kilogram of mass and hence the name One:1. The engine develops 1361 horsepower and is built primarily of carbon fiber. Even the wheels are made out of high-strength carbon. The design also incorporates active aerodynamics to keep it planted to the road surface.

In its first public appearance, Koenigsegg is showcasing the production-spec One:1 at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. This car finished in black and gold is accompanied by the prototype that made headlines during the Geneva auto show. Koenigsegg has now released the first official video of the One:1 which was shot at the Goodwood estates in the UK. Scroll down to watch the complete video.

Koenigsegg One:1 at Goodwood Festival of Speed:

Source: Koenigsegg via Facebook

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