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Koenigsegg Boss spills more details on the Agera Successor

Until last week we had little information on the Agera successor – bits about the powertrain, a design sketch of the rear end, and that’s it. We have since come to know of the power figures, kerb-weight, aesthetics and even its potential name.

Now, Christian von Koenigsegg himself has spilled some details on the Agera successor. He has confirmed that the car currently produces 1400 hp but also said that there is potential to increase that. The Agera successor will also come with rear-wheel steering.

Talking about the new hypercar’s similarity to its predecessor, he said that while it doesn’t have a single nut and bolt in common with the Agera, it’s recognisable. “It will be like a triple-distilled version of the current Agera.” Everything from the exterior to the engine will see incremental developments. Compared to the Agera, the car is slightly longer. The wheelbase is longer and the roofline is also higher so expect more space for the occupants. Even the wheel size has been increased.

However, the most interesting part of the conversation concerns the transmission on the new car. “It’s wild. We jokingly say that all the gears we saved in the Regera, we put in the new one, so there are plenty of gears.” Will the Ragnarok have eight, nine, ten gears? who knows.

As the rumors suggested, the red line on the upgraded twin-turbo V8 will be close to 9000 rpm. What’s more, the engine will be actively rubber mounted, just like the Regera as opposed to being bolted straight to the chassis.

People who like the “industrial” sound of the Agera will be disappointed as the upgraded engine on the Agera successor will produce a different exhaust note compared to its predecessor. “It’s not a beautiful sound, but it’s interesting. That disappears with the new car.”

Last but no the least, the boss claims that the upcoming hypercar will produce 1000 kg of downforce at 155 mph.

Source: Top Gear

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