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Kimera K39 hyper-restomod to race at Pikes Peak in 2025

Kimera Automobili has unveiled its third offering, the K39 – a racecar inspired by the legendary Pikes Peak hill climb monsters from the late ’70s. In fact, Kimera does plan to race it to the clouds in 2025.

“In America, the land of dreamers, the K39 will embark on its race to the clouds in 2025,” the company said.

Kimera K39 restomod-Pikes Peak-3

The Kimera K39 is based on a carbon fibre monocoque wrapped in a neo-retro bodywork inspired by the Lancia 037. The car features an aggressive front splitter and a large rear wing. It has massive fenders and a rear design to keep the car glued to the tarmac.

Kimera Automobili hasn’t released any details of the engine that will power the K39. What we do know is that it won’t be an electric powertrain, as is the case with most modern record-setting Pikes Peak race cars.

Kimera K39 restomod-Pikes Peak-2

The company said, “The iconic new “Silhouette” will have an engine that will make a lot of noise and will be heard all the way up the climb.”

Source: Kimera Automobili

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