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Kimera K39 teaser


Kimera K-39 “hyper-restomod” teased ahead of debut

In 2023, Kimera Automobili decided to revive an iconic Italian sports car from the 1980s. The company announced three limited-edition restomods – EVO37, EVO38 and the K-39.

Having revealed the EVO37 and EVO38, the company is now gearing up to debut its latest creation – the Kimera K-39. Described as a “hyper-restomod”, the car will make its global debut on June 22.

Kimera EVO37

According to Kimera, motor racing and rallying, in particular, is in its DNA, and the K-39 aims to bring the brand back into the world of motorsports. Details are scarce, but the latest teaser does shed some light on the design of the K-39.

The image shows the classic quad headlamps inspired by the Lancia 037. The car has wide fenders, with a narrow canopy and a massive fixed spoiler at the back. Moreover, the K-39 will feature a long tail design, as seen in previous design sketches.

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